The Paper Skies Boutique is in Action!

Posted December 5, 2015 by Madiha Rehmath in Discussion Posts / 16 Comments

Hello, wondrous creatures! Before I start this beautiful post, let me tell you why I have been AWOL for the past week:


If you go google Chennai flood, you’re bound to see what I’m talking about. I was with no electricity or network for over two days, and on top of that, my area was so badly flooded that the water entered my house. I’m not even kidding; my portico was a lake! On a more serious note, this flood has led to the loss of countless lives, so lets just hope it subsides safely and swiftly. Onto the point of this post:

Paper Skies has a Zazzle Store!


Most of my products are inspired by my love of reading, and in the future I will be making quote merchandise as well, such as this beauty from Throne of Glass:



If you’re looking for more such products, click away at the link in the sidebar that leads to my store, or the header image of this post. ENJOY SHOPPING!

I would love to know what you think about my designs – and am open to recommendations as well! Any specific quotes you want me to design? Any specific books/movies? Let me know in the comment section below!

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16 Responses to “The Paper Skies Boutique is in Action!”

    • Thanks so much, Jeann! It IS exciting, I’m jumping around like a crazy person hahaha. The floods are slowly receding now, so lets just hope that everything goes back to normal, and fingers crossed!

    • Never heard of ZAZZLE? I think all the writing and world dominance may be getting to your head, Cait 😉 And THANKYOU! *gushes* The approval of a writer/evil overlord is important!
      *hugs you back and never lets go* Sorry I’m trying not to be creepy lol.

    • *accepts positive vibes thankfully* We’re doing the best we can, Aila, and things are slowly getting back to normal. Aw, thank you so much you like my designs ASDFGHJKL you’ve made me a happy person! *send back love and happiness* <3

    • Haha I’m just now learning how many people knew nothing of Zazzle…which makes me the only one. Odd ball I tell you. They DO have a large variety, and AWIE thanks so much Jenna! Mug collector, you say? We shall be mug collector twins, I LOVE MUGS TOO! Thanks a lot, again. I can’t seem to stop gushing, but then, you all very well deserve it :*

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