How much does design matter to you?

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8af19138e7b91bad2463f1289593de09Statistically speaking, a lot of things in general catch the attention of people if they’re pretty. I mean, when you’re going to be aiming for looks, first impressions matter. But in the very teensy case that looks are not what you are after, they are still the first thing you get to see. Excuse the very vague and weird topic choice, but I was just browsing through a few favorite blogs of mine, and I realized that they all having something in common:

Their design. Sure, not everything is the same for all of them, but all of these blogs have some or the other design element in them that I absolutely love. Do not get me wrong; content is king – I am not that shallow, people! But like I said before, my first impression of the blog is going to be how well the writer has taken care of it’s appearance. If its satisfactory, I’m going to move on to the content. But if its not satisfactory, I might hesitate to move further, mostly because I don’t really think I can connect with the blogger at the design level. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m a HUGE design junkie, and its paramount to me in making online relationships. But then, there are rare occasions where the content is just so good, that I get immersed in it and hardly notice if the blog isn’t wrapped in a design I like.  That is not to say that I’m a picky person when it comes to blogs – I don’t necessarily like only one particular type of design…take a look at this really minimal yet sleek and quick blog which Cait from Paper Fury owns:


I love both her content, as well as her design, but since she went through a recent design change and came up with the beauty there at the top, I admit I have been spending a lot more time on her blog, because let’s face it – its easy on the eyes, clean, and makes me laugh :)

However, not all my favorite blogs are as clean and minimal as Paper Fury. I love the design of Novel Heartbeat as well, though its more floral and feminine.


When it comes to books?


I must admit, this is a particular weakness I am striving to drive away. I love books with beautiful covers. Beautiful typography, pastel colors, those books that have that sort of tumblr thing going on…my greedy shallow eyes sought them out every chance they get. There have been so many wonderful stories with amazing characters, but will you believe it…I ignored them all because they had covers made of stock images. I am mean like that, I guess. Please don’t eat me up. I mean, just…look at the plethora of book beautiful-ness (ignore insulting grammar) that just makes you want to jump into the book and read it already

eap     TPT






Like I said, typography. Can you believe though, that I have read only Tease and Eleanor & Part out of these four? That must mean that I don’t have a HUGE weakness when it comes to pretty covers, right? RIGHT? On second thought, it could also be that I don’t really have enough money…well.

How many of you are font junkies? Does the design of a particular object sway you into buying it or signing up for it? Or do you think deciding based on appearances is kind of shallow?

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25 Responses to “How much does design matter to you?”

  1. Design is not really something very big to me, to be honest – I only need it to be clean, organized, and easy to navigate, otherwise, I’ll see myself out the door. I want that in the first three seconds I can know where to go, and where I can access the content. There are some pretty weird layouts out there (not necessarily book blogs) that are so confusing D:

    As for fonts, I install a lot when I get the chance, especially the pretty ones. Because let’s face it, WHO DOESN’T LIKE PRETTY FONTS?!?!
    Faye la Patata recently posted…The Interactive Blogfic #1 – ShootoutMy Profile

    • I envy your objective non-design important eyes so much! I agree, clean and organized is definitely an important element of a good design. Three seconds? Haha, you’re a scary client, Faye! I have seen a lot of weird layouts, like a blog would sometimes have one sidebar in the left, and TWO in the right, and the sheer amount of text and graphics kind of scares me if its just thrown on you like that. AND YES ASDFGHJK fonts are the best! I seem to be downloading fonts left and right too, lol.

  2. I RELATE TO THIS POST ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL. And ajdfkalsd omg I’m so glad you like my design. :’) LET ME FLAIL AND POSSIBLY GIVE YOU 9 CAKES. I actually um *coughs* spend a lot of time refreshing my blog to see the arrow shoot. I am that shallow. #noregrets

    I think we deserve to see good designs!! I DO. I think we deserve them in book covers!! I mean you read a book and it takes a day or a week or whatever…but then you own it for EVER. So it’s fair that it should have a nice design that you enjoy owning right?!?! I THINK SO. *NODS*
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Mosquitoland // Wherein I Feel Like I Ate A LemonMy Profile

    • Hahaha, well you DESERVE IT! Your design is FABULOUS <3 9 cakes? I WANT MORE, Cait. This is sacrilege. And lol, I must admit, I have refreshed your blog time and time again for the exact same reason; I mean, who can blame us? That arrow and that animation is gorgeous, OKAY. And oh my GOD, FINALLY somebody who understands why pretty book covers are important! Like, when you’re showing off your shelves (*cough* bookshelf tag *cough*) you need to really SHOW THEM OFF, and how can you do that without any pretty covers?! You and I, Cait – we are design SISTERS. Or appearances sisters…or DRAGON and DESIGN sisters.

  3. FIRST OF ALL, I’ve been so busy and haven’t been on your new blog yet, BUT NOW I’M HERE AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. So yes, design does matter to me and your design wins all the awards 😉 I totally judge book covers, too – an unsolicited review copy came today and I barely looked at it because of the terrible cover. Wow, I’m a terrible person haha.
    Emily @ Loony Literate recently posted…Beauty Queens by Libba Bray – satire, pirates and feminismMy Profile

    • Aw, Em I have missed you dearly, and I’m so glad you’ve finally visited! Awwww, thanks, thanks, I try my best lol. Hahaha, I remember when I got this one book from a friend and the cover irked me so much that I went six months without reading it while telling her I was in the process of finishing it. She knows the truth now…also knows how mean I am that way. So we shall be mean together!

  4. I love good graphics, but an attractive header or trendy color scheme is far less important to me than strong content – some of my favorite blogs still just use the standard WordPress or Blogger templates, but their posts are so interesting and well-written that it doesn’t even matter.

    Plus… this may be an unpopular opinion but… I feel like so many of the “well-designed” book blogs all just look the same… Like same color schemes, same fonts, same styles… and that’s even less interesting to me than an existing blog template. :X

    • I completely get what you’re saying, Tiffany. I myself have seen a lot of blogs out there that follow a particular design pattern – use a few selected fonts and graphics that are termed “trendy” and “in”, just to change it again as the fad moves on to something else. Its great that content catches your eyes quicker and more effectively, and I just WISH I could be able to do that. I loved your stance on the subject, and lol I hope you don’t perceive me as TOO shallow.


    Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I do have to say that I feel the exact same way you do! I’m more inclined to spend a hint more time on pretty blogs, but content is still the #1 thing that will make me RETURN to a blog. :) (And I also love Cait’s and Jessie’s blog designs!!)

    Same thing goes for books. If I see a pretty cover, I’m more inclined to check out the summary and reviews than I am with books with meh/generic covers. xD
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Review: How to Be Brave by E. Katherine KottarasMy Profile

    • Oh hahaha, its so good to see you again, Aimee! I was wondering where you disappeared off too! Yes, pretty blogs – according to me, at least – deserve more attention because you kind of know that the user or owner of the blog has invested time and care to make it look appealing, you know? Not just to their readers, but for themselves as well. I mean, every time I update a particular element of my blog, I just take a look at all of it and have this immense sense of satisfaction wash over me :)

  6. I love paper fury! Cait’s actually one of my absolute favorite bloggers. And I think design is important- it shows people what to expect when looking at your blog. But what’s more important than the visual design is the word layout! I like short paragraphs with several pictures, like what you’ve done in this post, and a caption for each. I think I’m going to start blogging with this format, too.
    Danni Mae recently posted…Finally Back!My Profile

    • I know! She’s got some lovely content and an even lovelier look. And YES, short paragraphs are somehow much better and more easy on the eyes; I think it’s because of how we perceive the content to be. I guess that when a reader sees a set of short paragraphs, they perceive the content to be…less, somehow? So that makes it more enjoyable? Lol, I don’t know, but that’s the reason I like short paragraphs. Thanks, and good luck getting back on track with your blog, Danni!

      • I think it’s more of a mindset of simplicity. I could read the same thing as one big paragraph, but it’s just easier to think more deeply about the content and take short breaks with smaller paragraphs. Thanks for visiting!
        Danni Mae recently posted…Finally Back!My Profile

    • Haha, yes, Paper Fury gets a LOT of love from all of us minions. I agree that the content does get much more enhanced with a good design, and just gives your readers an overall better experience; at least, that’s how it is for me. And pretty books covers…well, they are my absolute weakness, one I don’t think I’ll be getting over anytime soon, lol.

  7. I also love Paper Fury’s design! I’m not too picky with design, as long as it’s not an eyesore like yellow text on black background or something, or cluttered. I can definitely appreciate a nice header though (like yours!), and I think I nice design makes me want to stay and click around longer.
    Alise recently posted…Alise’s Certified Book Review Writing ProcessMy Profile

    • Madiha Rehmath

      Yes, I know what you mean about eyesore designs. I personally have an aversion to very dark backgrounds; I don’t know why, but its comes off as…tacky, I guess? And haha thanks, Alise, I do like my new header as well 😉

    • Madiha Rehmath

      I know! WordPress helps me maintain the layout and style of my blog so much better now…it really helps the whole UI and haha I can’t help myself, I keep tweaking little things here and there

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